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The Ultimate Trading Suite

All the high-end trading tools your users want, right inside your brand

Limit Orderbook DEX

Trade now on testnet

Token Swaps (AMM)

Trade now on testnet

Leveraged Perpetuals DEX

Trade now on testnet

Integrated Lending Marketplace

Trade now on testnet

No Costs and Zero Time to Market

  • Launches in 10 minutes, no dev time, earn trading fees
  • All of the core trading tools found on a CEX, totally non-custodial

Network Effects

  • The platform grows through partnerships
  • Every user on the platform contributes to the network and benefits from shared liquidity and trading volumes
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You have the users, we bring the tech.

No risk. no time commitment.

Focus resources on your core business

and use ULTRADE to:

Retain users who are using 3rd party exchanges

Why let your users go to other exchanges instead of staying in your brand? Instantly launch your own non-custodial branded trading tools and keep your users!

Earn revenue from trading fees, for free!

Why miss out on the trading fees your users pay to other exchanges? Earn a new revenue stream from trading fees through revenue-share. Zero costs and no dev.

Earn up to 90% of the trading fees.

Launch a DEX in 10 minutes, and list your token

Planning to launch a token? Don't want to pay crazy listing fees or got declined?

With our orderbook DEX you can instantly list your token for trading and let your users buy and trade right in your site/app. Your trading pair can also be co-listed by all other partners in the network, giving you more exposure to traders.

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The Ultrade Ecosystem

Start earning in minutes.


The Ultimate Trading Suite is a brandable white label cross-chain orderbook DEX and AMM.


Live on Algorand! Launching on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, Avalanche, Optimisim and Arbitrum in Q3.

Network Effects

Web3 companies instantly launch branded  trading tools with network liquidity and self-list their own token.

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Powering Ultrade ecosystem

As the platform expands, so does the utility of the token - ULTR will be used for every type of transaction across all available products


Staking for reduced trading fees and improved payouts

Market maker

and more

IMPORTANT: The ULTR Token launch will be announced at a later date.
Any ULTR token you may find in the market is NOT affiliated with Ultrade.


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