The many roles of ULTR

The ULTR token serves as the nexus for all utility, fees and value created across the entire Ultrade ecosystem


Staking ULTR will enable participation in the project’s governance and help ensure a truly decentralized ecosystem


Rewards for referrals, liquidity providers/market makers, and other roles within the Ultrade ecosystem are paid out in ULTR

White Label Tier System

White Labeling the Ultrade Trading Suite requires long-term staking of ULTR, and distribution tiers are based on the amount staked - more ULTR staked means more fees earned

Fees & Discounts

Traders can stake their ULTR to reduce trading fees, while builders pay microfees in ULTR for using dBlocks

Ecosystem fee allocation

All fees collected within the Ultrade ecosystem are split into three buckets:


The majority of fees will be burned to reduce supply (deflationary token)


30% of the total fees collected will be distributed to those staking ULTR


The remaining 10% will remain within the ecosystem to fund future development, liquidity rewards etc.

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