One simple platform
Four powerful products

Crypto-Pair Spot DEX

Our full-feature DEX will support the entire range of Algorand ASA pairs, including those bridged from other chains. The intuitive interface will include advanced mechanisms not found in most DEXs, like market and limit orders, as well as integrated charting

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Leveraged Perpetual Contract Trading

The Leveraged Perpetual Contract module will enable a fully decentralized marketplace for the exchange of short and long positions on any supported crypto asset

Hybrid Aggregating Automated Market Maker (haAMM)

The haAMM leverages an aggregation of standard pair liquidity pools and orderbook directional liquidity to reduce slippage for the end user and give more price control to the provider

Decentralized Lending Marketplace

ULTRADE integrates a decentralized peer-to-peer lending marketplace into the unified Suite interface, allowing for quicker access to leverage and simple use within the scope of other trading activities

ULTR and Trading Suite

Staking ULTR can unlock the following features:

  • Reduced trading fees
  • Referral fee rewards sharing
  • Market maker benefits
  • Increased fee-sharing percentage in the White Label Program