Layer 1 Decentralized Universal Orderbook

The backbone of our adaptable DeFi components

Public, Peer-to-Peer Transactions

The L1-DUO eliminates reliance on the internal database execution of trades as conducted by CEXes and provides equal functionality on a peer-to-peer basis running on a blockchain

Universal-assets Implementation

By detaching the orderbook and matching engine from all other logic, the L1-DUO acts as a translation layer between different exchanges and executes trades without requiring asset-specific instructions. The L1-DUO can easily support token pair trading, synthetic assets, perpetuals and other derivatives, lending marketplaces, and more

Productized Infrastructure

The creation of the L1-DUO as a standalone module enables future builds of DeFi apps without needing to create custom orderbooks, meaning you can save your budget and engineering time for the core logic of your product and pay microfees in ULTR instead

Decentralized Smart Order Router

Built on top of the L1-DUO, our decentralized order router will allow for self-declaration of asset types by any number of external liquidity marketplaces, which will then be aggregated and processed to route each transaction with maximum efficiency

ULTR and dBlocks

How ULTR powers our infrastructure products:

  • Long-term staking of ULTR is required to become a White Label partner
  • Staking more ULTR increases White Label fee distributions - up to a maximum of 90%
  • Microfees for L1-DUO and dSOR are paid in ULTR