Your users, our tech.

Serve your users' trading needs directly in your website or app. Launch in 10 minutes, no code.

You focus on your audience, and we:

Provide a Brandable Solution

You already have the traders in your audience that you retain and nurture through your core business and service, we augment your brand experience with professional trading tools

Provide Network Liquidity

ULTRADE´s white label platform and liquidity network is an all-in-one ecosystem that you control with a UI comparable to major CEXs

Share Trading Fee Revenue

Create a new revenue stream from trading fees.

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ULTRADE infrastructure provides the Ultimate Trading Suite, an all-in-one white label platform.

Trading Fee Calculator

Choose the license that works for you and keep up to 90% of all fees:

  • 30%
    Stake the minimum amount of ULTR and earn 30% of all trading fees, up to $100/day
  • 50%
    Increase your staking ratio to 150:1 and earn up to 50% of trading fees
  • 70%
    At a staking ratio of 250:1, you’ll keep 70% of all fees from your new platform
  • 90%
    Unlock the Ultimate license with a staking ratio of 300:1. You’ll also need to hold an Ultimate License NFT, which can be minted using ULTR tokens with a max supply of 100
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