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White Label the entire Ultimate Trading Suite and start collecting trading fees on day one
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Launch your own DeFi platform:

Simple setup

The ULTRADE platform is entirely self-serve and open to all: just choose a license, stake ULTR tokens, and you’ll be ready to start collecting trading fees

Built-in credit card processing

Thanks to an integrated fiat gateway, your users will be able to purchase crypto directly from your new platform and bring even more volume to your exchange

Multi-language compatibility

All language files are easily editable to allow multi-language support without any additional programming

Trading Fee Calculator

Choose the license that works for you and keep up to 90% of all fees:

  • 30%
    Stake a minimum of $5000 of ULTR and earn 30% of all trading fees, up to $100/day
  • 50%
    Increase your staking ratio to 150:1 and earn up to 50% of trading fees
  • 70%
    At a staking ratio of 250:1, you’ll keep 70% of all fees from your new platform
  • 90%
    Unlock the Ultimate license with a staking ratio of 300:1. You’ll also need to hold an Ultimate License NFT, which can be minted using ULTR tokens with a max supply of 100
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Ready to start earning?

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